Walk a Foot in Her Shoes

Yesterday I got a text from one of Mom’s physical therapists:

“Hi, I wanted to let you know that I discharged the hoyer lift. Your mom should now be getting up with staff for transfers to/from wheelchair using a gait belt and front wheeled walker performing stand pivots. I am hoping to upgrade her further to be walking with staff to/from bathroom by the end of the week.”

This is incredible because a few weeks ago, Mom was in danger of being discharged from therapy due to her unwillingness to participate.

I wish I could tell you what changed her mind. The timing coincides with her going on Memantine for her forgetfulness and confusion, which is odd because I’m not sure the drug has had a huge effect on her mental acuity.

Still, it’s possible her increasing mobility may have a positive effect on her mental and emotional wellbeing.

I hope so because yesterday she asked me what good she was to anyone. When I asked what she meant, she said she’s useless because she can’t do anything.

After thinking a moment, I said, “Entertainment. People like to talk to you.”

It’s true. Mom always has a smile for anyone who speaks to her, and she’s good at making fun of her situation.

She seemed happy with that answer, but it’s frustrating for her to not be able to remember things from one day to the next, sometimes from one moment to the next.

Even if you try to grow old gracefully, it’s a grueling process.

4 thoughts on “Walk a Foot in Her Shoes

  1. Such good news! I hope she continues to improve. And one possible reason for her changed mood is that the anesthetic may finally be out of her system; it took almost 2 months for me after major surgery for my thought process to return to normal, and I was about half her age at the time!


  2. I think even modest amounts of exercise and effort increase blood flow. She may be feeling the benefit in increased energy and stimulation of her brain. My mother asked a similar question when she was in her last weeks. I replied that it was not necessary to be useful if you were also beautiful. She laughed! It made me happy to give her a boost, and to hear that loud, rich laugh again.

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