Kayak and Bike Day Plus Some Lake Erie for Good Measure: A Photoblog (photodump)

The Engineer and I have been quite busy all summer. Between beekeeping, getting the plane annual done, prepping for my sister-in-law’s visit and Oshkosh, every day has felt like a marathon right until we collapse on the couch to watch David Tennant’s “Around the World in 80 Days.”

However, well over a month ago, a friend invited me up to her lakeside condo for a day out, and the only day we could find that would work for both of us was Thursday. Thus, two days ago, she picked me up for a day of wandering around Vermilion, Ohio and lunch at her place.

It was lovely. There’s just something about being around water that stills the soul.

Vermilion is — and I hesitate to use the word, but it fits — quaint with beautiful planters downtown and the biggest Black-eyed Susan blossoms I’ve ever seen.

Then, yesterday, The Engineer and I took a day off together. We kayaked six miles on the Tuscarawas River, then cycled eight on the Towpath.

Lunch stop
Lunch by the river
Lock 4 on the bike path

It was just what we needed, and though I was Very Tired last night, we are now ready to face the final lap in our race to get everything done!

2 thoughts on “Kayak and Bike Day Plus Some Lake Erie for Good Measure: A Photoblog (photodump)

  1. Tired, but I bet Good Tired. That looks like an excellent mental health day all round. I know exactly what you mean about the view of water stilling the soul. It’s why my happy place is the beach, which round here is mainly empty, vast and silent.

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