Oh, Christmas Tree; Oh, Christmas Tree

How lovely are your branches …

The park walkers have been decorating again, and I couldn’t decide which of these two slightly different angles I preferred, so here are both pics.

I love that the walkers who use this park decorate every year for Christmas. Almost makes me ready to prod The Engineer into going up into the loft so we can get our own decorations and tree down.


But not quite yet.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Christmas Tree; Oh, Christmas Tree

  1. Such a pretty, graceful tree they chose to decorate, too. Historically, my family didn’t put up the decorations until a few days before Christmas Eve, but I find it hard to wait that long. Last year we didn’t bother with decorating at all, because my father died on 11th December. This year, I’ll remember him fondly and decorate his photo with extra tinsel!

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    • We did it put up our tree last year anyway. Seemed a bit pointless since Darling Daughter didn’t come. I put a few things on our little Norfolk Pine, but it was a weird year anyway.

      I like the idea of extra tinsel for your dad. ☺️

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