The OH Honey Apiary Bottling Plant

So, we did the final bottling (we hope) of our first batch of flavored mead and re-racked the unflavored bottles of the same batch to get rid of the yeasty layer on the bottom. The idea is it will age more gracefully and clarify better without the scum. (The same could probably be said for all of us. 🙄)

Our labels – pretty basic, but then so are we. Since the mead is only for personal use and maybe gifts, it doesn’t need a fancy label.
Repurposing bottles: The big square ones are from Green River Humblebee Bourbon (their labels are impossible to remove!), the brown ones are old Grolsch beer bottles I got in an online estate sale, and the little ones I got a deal on at Queen Right Colonies. They didn’t work out for our honey, but are perfect “taster” bottles. I’m trusting you to ignore the dishes in the drainer on the counter.

Next up: Batch two, as soon as we find time to make it.

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