In a Jam

It’s strawberry 🍓 season, which in my house means making strawberry margarita jam.

This year, it’s been challenging to find lids and bands. Although jars have become available again, I still can’t find small lids and bands to use with the jars I already own, except part of a box I happened across at a garage sale.

As a result, I’ve purchased some reusable lids with rubber gaskets, and will be trying them with my next canning effort.

Five quarts of berries from the Mennonite market makes about three batches of jam, with just enough left over to take my mom a treat.

With three pans on the fire, the house is sweltering.

Of course, strawberry margarita jam includes tequila, lime juice, and triple sec. And this time I tried something different – adding jalapeños to the last batch.

First, you cross fingers the jars will seal, then you pray the jam gels properly, although it’s great on cottage cheese even if it doesn’t.

Result? Twenty-four jars of delicious jam to share with friends.

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