Let’s Fly!

Nearing Lake Erie (Please excuse dead bugs on windscreen.)
Ice on the lake, islands in the distance
Flying the shore (along with every other plane today)

Johnson’s Island

I never fly over this island without thinking of the men imprisoned there during the Civil War when it served as a prisoner of war camp for captured Confederate officers. (hmttp://www.johnsons-island.org and (http://johnsonsisland.org/)

On a happier note, here are two shots of Cedar Point, a lakeside attraction for over 150 years. I worked there when the year it turned 110. Yeah, I’m that old. (http://ohiohistorycentral.org/w/Cedar_Point and, for some vintage photos, go here https://www.cleveland.com/travel/2015/03/cedar_point_through_the_years.html)

Somewhat farther south is Chippewa Lake (shown here with Chippewa Inlet), one of the largest natural lakes in Ohio. Formed by glaciers, it was also once an amusement park in the early 1900s. Long defunct, it is now scheduled to become a county park. (https://urbexunderground.com/chippewa-lake-amusement-park/ and https://www.cleveland.com/community/2021/02/chippewa-lake-amusement-parks-metamorphosis-brings-it-back-to-nature.html)
Let’s fly! It’s a little bumpy, but I think you will enjoy the ride.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Fly!

  1. I did not know you worked at CP, but we had moved by then. My Grandparents took us to Chippewa Lake every year in August for a week for Grandpa’s birthday (July 26). We had been going since I was little. It must have been 1964 or ‘65 the cottage we rented had a mouse! Grandma and Aunt Norma took turns staying up so he wouldn’t get “the babies.” My cousin was 2 or 3 and Barb was 3 months or 15 months old. Some really great memories from that park. Went with Aunt Norma and Uncle Dick in 1978 when they had an Oktoberfest. It was sad to see the run down park.


    • Yeah, I worked at CP for a summer. It was after my freshman year at college. Mom and Dad were splitting, and I just didn’t want to go home to it. Looking back, I’m glad I seized the opportunity to do something unexpected. I worked at Burger Patio, so clearly my HS years working at McD’s were a factor. It was hard work — 6 days a week, up to 10 hours a day, but a lot of fun too.
      Isn’t it funny the things that you remember the most, like your mouse? How nice to have memories of visiting. I don’t think we ever went, although Darling Daughter and I drove around it about ten years ago, just to see the skeletons of what was left.
      I’m glad the park system bought it. From what I read, they plan to try to somehow conserve the old ferris wheel as a monument or something. I hope they can manage it.
      There’s also a couple of rail-trail bike paths near there. We’ve ridden one of them and into Chippewa Lake (the town), which is a nice ride.
      Hope you are staying well. Have you managed to get a vaccine yet? I registered for one, but heaven knows when it will happen. 🙂


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