Scrappy Christmas

While I’m not really part of the “Scrap Happy” tradition started by my friend Kate and her friends, I felt I could offer another post on the subject — or at least a continuation of the first.

Since that post, I’ve continued to crochet stars as if they were needed to populate the night sky.

I’ve made at least seventy and am still going strong.

Some have gone to work with me, as thank yous to customers who donate to our staff fund for a local charity for families in need. Some have gone in Christmas cards and on presents. Some will go to my mom to give to her caregivers and friends at her facility. And some have gone on our tree.

It’s not our usual tree. But it’s going to be a weird Christmas for everyone, and things are no different here. Darling Daughter and I have not yet decided if it’s a good idea for her and Boyfriend to come home for the holiday. Somehow dragging the tree and all its ornaments down from the loft and decorating it seemed, not a waste of time exactly, but sort of superfluous.

I wanted something simpler, and chose to decorate the Norfolk Pine I’ve been growing for more years than I can remember.

I also strung popcorn for garland. (Note on stringing popcorn: After I’d already started stringing, I read it’s best to let the popcorn sit for a day or two so it doesn’t crumble so easily. This would probably make it easier. Still, the squirrels are enjoying the scraps, so that’s a good thing.)

I’ll admit I didn’t envision the tree turning out quite so Charlie Brownish. But that’s okay. I’m going to buy more lights. Twinkle lights make everything look better. (The Brits call them “fairy lights,” I think, which I prefer. I like the hint of magic in the phrase.)

In other scrappy news, three more lap rug/afghans went to my mom’s place for the residents.

One could also make an argument that my “Comfort Cooking for a Pandemic Winter” is also scrappy. Heaven knows the recipes came from many scraps of paper stuck in many cookbooks in our cupboards.

And now, though I’ve shared it many times before, I feel compelled to (once again) share the best Christmas song ever. I know you are probably saying, “Kym, that’s your opinion,” but I disagree.

It is the best Christmas song ever.

10 thoughts on “Scrappy Christmas

  1. Still loving those stars! And yes, they’re called fairy lights in the UK, and I have them up permanently at my house, strung around the eaves and over the back deck all year round. I’m imagining how a string of them would look with a tiny light behind each crochet star…

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  2. Oh, oh. Now you did it. You posted twice, and you are part of the group for sure! =) The stars look great. For years, we strung popcorn alternated with cranberries and put it on our indoor tree. I never thought to let it sit, but any that broke were eaten anyway. =) Then we’d put it outside after Christmas and let the birds feast before we burned the dried out tree.

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      • It’s just so amazing that they ever ended up singing a song together! The first time I heard it, I recognized both voices but couldn’t believe it. At that time, the only recording I could find it on was “Edge of Christmas.” It was pre-Internet, and I called every record store within twenty miles until I found a copy on the opposite side of the city. Drove 45 minutes to buy it. Would be much easier now, of course. 😁


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