Flight 93 Memorial

We camped at Ohiopyle State Park, a favorite because there are several options for rafting and kayaking, plus a great rail-trail bike path.

Ohiopyle is about an hour from the Flight 93 Memorial, and this time we took the opportunity to visit this site dedicated to the thirty-three passengers and seven crew members who fought back against the hijackers of their plane.

IMG_3123The black granite represents the path of the plane’s descent toward its final resting place near Stoystown, Pennsylvania — less than 20 minutes flight from Washington D.C, the hijackers’ intended target.

77A23339-995C-4620-9CCA-19F84F07D957Friends and family watched the investigation from this vantage point.

The impact crater was filled in at the request of the coroner, and the site marked with a boulder visible through this gate. IMG_3125IMG_3124
As you can tell from these photos, it’s a quiet place — nothing like the scenes from the Pentagon and World Trade Centers — which makes the Memorial all the more humbling because we are forced to consider what might have happened without the bravery of the passengers and crew.

They are memorialized by individual slabs of white marble on which a single name is engraved.IMG_3127

As I said, it’s a quiet place, and the few visitors we saw seemed to respect and honor those represented here.

If you’re ever in the area, I hope you’ll make time to visit, if only to remind you that sometimes human beings can work together to overcome evil.

To prepare for your visit, The Engineer recommends¬†The Only Plane in the Sky, by Garrett M.Graff,¬†which I ordered on audio for him from the library. Billed as a “comprehensive oral history,” it’s read by a 45-person cast, and has been receiving accolades far beyond my husband’s.
only plane
Image from Barnes and Noble website (link above).

For more information on the Memorial, visit the National Park Service website.

2 thoughts on “Flight 93 Memorial

  1. A very moving memorial. I like the contrast between the human scale of some elements and the hugeness of others. Ordinary people, enormous sacrifices. Thank you also for the book recommendation; i’ve reserved it from the library.

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    • I liked the soaring memorial set against the open fields and mountains. And I love the reminder that even when we think things are out of control, sometimes we can change the outcome by our reactions.
      Hope you find the book worth your time. I’ve not read it, but The Engineer says it’s very good.

      Liked by 1 person

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