Camping Inventory

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On Departure
Camp Supplies
Tent, stakes, poles, lines
Sleeping bags
Flashlight/camp lights (solar)
Little broom
Bug spray
Bug zappers
First aid/meds
Clothes pins
Tent mallet/hammer/hatchet
Bikes, helmet, handlebar bag, lock, inhaler, lymph sleeve, gloves
Trash/recycle bag
Baby wipes
Bungie cords
Sanitizing wipes
Duct tape
Tie wraps

Cooking Supplies
Camp stove and fuel
Pans w plates, cups
Cast iron skillets (deep, shallow)
Dutch oven and lid
Utensils — cooking and eating, tongs, flipper,
Roasting fork
Sharp knives, lg and small
Foil (heavy duty)
Paper towels
Pie maker
Bucket, Coleman water cooler
Dish soap
Scrubbie, steel wool pad
Dish hangers made from onion bags
Water bottles
Can opener
Pot holders
Charcoal and chimney if using
Oven gloves
Plastic containers

Phone charger
Power block
Nook or book

Food, clothing, personal items

On Return
All the above
More mosquito bites than I can count
Sunburn on both wrists and one ankle that I evidently missed with the sunscreen before rafting on a sunny 94F day. (Turns out sunscreen really works, at least on the parts you manage to cover.)
Several inexplicable bruises
Possible poison oak blister (or maybe just a bad insect bite)
Newly gained knowledge on dutch oven campfire cooking
Several additional items for future camping inventory:
Volcano (Kelly) kettle
Cutting board
Chums (for glasses)

Verdict: Yes, we can manage eat well in camp using only a single burner and campfire. (On past trips, we ate half our meals in restaurants — not something we feel comfortable doing at the moment.)

burning wood on fire pit

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If you’re interested, here’s what we ate:
First night
Quesadillas done in dutch oven (black beans, chorizo, salsa, cheese, tortillas — slightly burnt, but good)
Second day
Breakfast: Oatmeal with dried cranberries (The Engineer refused to eat his. Thirty-two years in, I didn’t know he didn’t like oatmeal. Go figure.)
Lunch on the river: Pre-made curried salmon salad in a pita, pre-cut veggies, apple, snack mix
Dinner: Foil wraps done in the fire (potatoes, bratwurst, carrots, onions and a little butter — an old favorite)
Snacks: Cheese and cracker sandwiches (Store bought in a package of eight — these filled in the gaps quite nicely), ice cream from local parlor
Third Day
Very Late Breakfast: Hashbrown, onion, pepper, cheese, egg scramble wrapped in tortilla (I ate mine with my homemade zucchini salsa. Delicious!)
Snack/lunch: Cheese and cracker sandwiches (packaged)
Dinner: Chile with cornbread topping done in dutch oven (leftover black beans and chorizo, onions, peppers, seasoning topped with cornbread made from a mix with some cheese added in — I loved it, especially the cornbread. The Engineer liked the chile, but not the cornbread. No surprise there.)
Fourth Day
Breakfast: Same as third day
Snack: Packaged cheese cracker sandwiches, ice cream from local parlor on way home
Late lunch/dinner: Picnic of leftover salmon salad, pre-cut veggies

On a completely different note, none of these pictures are mine. I just discovered WordPress’s free image library!



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