Dr. Sholly

I found Dr. Sholly while stumbling searching through the Library of Congress’s Chronicling America.

Sholly was born to David S. (of monster porker fame)  and Lucetta in 1865, attended local schools, and eventually became a teacher before leaving to attend medical school, graduating in 1897.

These accomplishments alone are worth noting, but what makes them even more special is the fact that Dr. Sholly — Dr. Agnes Sholly — became a doctor just fifty years after Elizabeth Blackwell gained admission as the first female medical student in the United States.

I’m proud to have her in my family tree. But, when I looked at her findagrave.com page, I see it’s quite unnecessary to write a post because the writer of her memorial has already hit the high points.

I’ll just fill in a few details.

In 1888, when she was teaching primary school, Agnes received the princely sum of $22.00. Strangely enough, while there’s a good deal of variance in the salaries, it doesn’t appear to be gender related, which seems quite forward thinking for the time.

She was still teaching in 1893, but by 1894 was visiting home from college with a friend. Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 2.23.23 PM

From the Pennsylvania School Journal, 1893

In February 1905, the Middleburg Post announced her marriage to C.W. Knights. I’ll share what it said.

Marriage Secret for Almost Two Years

It has just leaked out that Ex-Commissioner C.W.Knights, of Port Trevorton, this county, was married at Buffalo during the Pan-American Exposition to Dr. Agnes Sholly of Shamokin, a daughter of David Sholly of Selinsgrove.

The marriage was kept a secret on account of Dr. Sholly’s practice in Shamokin. The POST extends its congratulations to the couple, even if it is almost two years after the event.

I have to give the Post credit for referring to Agnes with the correct title of Dr., and not relegating her to Miss, as I might have expected from a newspaper at that time.

Also noteworthy (and timely) from her findagrave memorial: “Removing to Selinsgrove just prior to the First World War, Dr. Knights had planned to retire, but with the outbreak of the influenza epidemic, she opened her office in her home and continued with her profession.”

Her death came just twelve days before she was to be honored for fifty years of medical service to her community.

Addendum: I just realized I didn’t explain how we’re related. Agnes was my 2x great grandfather’s niece, which makes us some kind of cousin. I’m sure I could look up how many times removed. But if you really want to know, so can you. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Dr. Sholly

  1. Hi my name is William mark sholly my great-great-grandfather is David sholly my great-grandfather is William Clifford sholly my grandfather is Miles Lee sholly father is William Miles sholly I enjoyed reading about Dr Agnes sholly just want you to know we’re probably related in some way today is June 27th 2020 I’m going to Selinsgrove tomorrow to the graveyards up my ancestors just figured I’d let you know

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    • We are definitely cousins of some sort because we share common 3x great grandparents, Simon Sholly and Mary Ann Stahl. Think that makes us fourth cousins.:-) My family moved to Ohio and added an “e” to Sholly making it Sholley. My grandmother was Martha Irene Sholley, daughter of (Simon) Frederick Sholley, who was son of Peter Sholly, who was brother of your 2x great grandfather David.


    • I have a few other posts about the Sholly/Sholley family, including one that mentions some articles about David. He was quite the pillar of the community. There is also an little blurb about Peter’s death.
      And, probably more interesting to me than you, I discovered my great grandfather and grandmother had quite an unconventional (one might say scandalous)start to their marriage.


    • Someday I will take a trip there to see the place and do some research. Meanwhile, thanks for writing. I appreciate your reading my blog post and taking the time to leave a comment. Please give our ancestors my regards.


      • Hi I am Dee Sholly-Dick, sister of William Marc Sholly who you have been speaking to. My brother, sister Jennie and I are in Selinsgrove now and will be staying the weekend to find some of the graves of our ancestors.


  2. Answer your question now I was just searching through I know of Dr Agnes sholly and I was just searching for newspaper articles and tracing my family’s history and your articles came up but I have a question for you if you know who David and Peter’s parents were I would appreciate that I think they came from Germany because I was always told by my father that we were German but I’m not sure and thank you for answering me so fast


    • David and Peter’s father was Simon Sholly. He was not from Germany, though the Sholly family was originally from there, coming over in the late 1700s. I know which boat they came on, but I’m missing some of the connections. I have a public tree on Ancestry, which contains some of the info. Here’s a link to the trees containing David S.Sholly: https://www.ancestry.com/search/collections/1030/?name=David_Sholly&count=50
      The list probably includes mine, along with many others. Keep in mind that many Ancestry users just copy info from other people’s trees without verifying the info. If you look at the trees, make sure you review the sources so you feel confident the information is correct.
      Also, there are many variations on the name, which started out as Schallin. Schallin, Schiller, Sholly, Sholley, and others. And there are many family members who came from this line. They tended to have lots of kids. Hope this helps.


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