Oshkosh 2019: A Few Plane Photos and Some Rude Behavior

I have a lot to share about the bees, but first, a few pictures from Oshkosh.

I noticed this plane a few times on our several trips to check on our plane, which was once again parked two miles from where we camp. In 2017 and 2018, we lucked out and were parked a mere 3/4 a mile away, but this year we were back in the North Forty.

Anyway, the reason I first noticed the plane was because it had something written on its side about the philosophy of the Choctaw Nation. As you can see here, the aircraft also has the seal of the Choctaws, and when I looked up the N-number, I learned it was owned by them, which I found interesting.

The Engineer looked up the type of plane this one is, but I’ve forgotten. I just liked seeing it be towed backward.

And this is the plane we camped under. It is a Norseman, 1944, if I remember correctly, and the photo doesn’t capture how large it is. Fellow Metro Warbird Hans flew it up (although it isn’t his), and kindly let us borrow a wing to camp beneath.

I don’t have a lot to say about Osh this year. Though we went a day earlier than usual, it felt shorter, probably because we had three lines of storms come through during the first day and a half.

The fields got very soggy (even lake-like in some areas), limiting the number of planes coming in the first weekend, so we were lucky to get in and set up before the storms.

One unusual occurrence: I heard someone brush against our tent one afternoon when I was inside reading (possibly napping). I thought it was The Engineer until I heard him ask someone if they wanted to rub it two more times and see if a genie popped out. I then heard a man apologizing and sounding embarrassed. Husband then says something like “No genie is going to come out, but my wife might.”

Later, he told me he’d come back to the tent to find a stranger rubbing his hands on the tent’s surface and using the moisture to clean his them.

Why would anyone think that was acceptable behavior?