Vive La France, Deux – Caen Churches and London Taxis

Caen also had many beautiful churches. I didn’t get all the names of them, but I took lots of pictures.

I think these are all of St.John (Eglise Saint-Jean), though I can’t swear to it. We walked by it multiple times each day, and there were so many interesting details. Plus, they were replacing stones and cleaning for it, so there’s a big contrast between the new, clean parts, and the older parts. The churches are mostly made of limestone, and you can see below why some parts were being rebuilt. The two most famous religious buildings are the Abbaye aux Hommes and the Abbaye aux Dames (Abby of the Men and Abby of the Women, respectively), built by William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flanders.

Below is the exterior of aux Hommes and the interior of aux Dames.

En route to aux Dames, we came across the ruins of another church, tucked between some houses.

A few more photos of odds and ends before I tell you about the London taxis in Caen. Panorama taken from William the Conqueror’s Chateau.Plantings commemorating the 75th anniversary of liberation of Caen.

Stopped for a drink at a cafe and looked up to see this.

Interesting building and detail of carving.

Palace of Justice – As it stands today and in the past.

And now, the taxis. You may wonder what London taxis have to do with Caen, France. So did we. But there they were, a long parade of the distinctively English vehicles turning into a parking lot in front of the cafe patio where we were enjoying a cold beverage. Luckily, a British woman came out of the cafe to explain what was happening. The cabs were part of the Taxi Charity, which offers trips to veterans — anything from a day out to see a concert to an international excursion to France for the 75th anniversary of the landings at Normandy. She knew this because she was the companion (perhaps wife) of a 90-some-year-old veteran beneficiary.

To quote their website (, “To fund and facilitate these outings, the charity is wholly reliant on donations from members of the public, businesses and trusts and the amazing group of London licensed taxi drivers who offer their time and vehicles for free.” And they’ve been doing this for more than sixty years.

That, my friends, is why I travel — not just to see things I’ve heard or read about but to see and learn about things I never knew existed.

4 thoughts on “Vive La France, Deux – Caen Churches and London Taxis

  1. I wish I’d known about the Taxi Charity a few years ago, when Pa was still strong enough to have enjoyed a trip with them, but he’s now too frail. How truly great that these guys are happy to give their time to express appreciation for what the veterans did for us.

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